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Use ozonomatic Notes

Use  ozonomatic Notes

1. Minors should use the product under the guidance of adults; When the body temperature exceeds 38 degrees, please check pathology and then decide whether to use this product; Elderly people over 60 years old or patients with severe hypertension and heart disease should be accompanied by a guardian or consult a physician before deciding whether to use it.
2. It is forbidden to use it by unconscious persons or by serious drunk and drug addicts; It is prohibited for pregnant women under five months of pregnancy.
3. Keep the water temperature between 37 degrees and 40 degrees, and drink plenty of hot water before the spa.
4. When entering the water for the first time, first squat or sit on the spa mat, feel whether the water temperature is suitable, and then adjust the water temperature by the customer to the water level of the whole body.
5. Slowly lie down in the bathtub after the water temperature gets used to, put on the spa inflatable pillow around the neck, soak the whole body in the water, let the head surface, try to straighten the back, make the back more than 5 cm higher than the spa pad, so that the blister impact effect is better.
6 body relaxation, first supine back blisters impact for 5-6 minutes, then prone to chest and abdomen blisters impact for 5-6 minutes, and then the body lying on the left and right side, on both sides of the spa for 2-3 minutes. Finally, lie on your back and let the water bubble against your back until the treatment is over.
7. Spa treatments speed up your metabolism and improve blood circulation. Spa 20 minutes, equivalent to the human body jogging 3 kilometers of heat consumption, so the first spa or usually lack of exercise, such as dizziness in the process of spa, can change from lying position to sitting position, or out of the bathtub to rest.
8. After the spa, the meridians of the human body run smoothly, the pores open, the whole body is hot and sweaty, so it is not suitable to take a shower at this time. Immediately dry the whole body, put on the bathrobe to the meeting room to rest for about 20 minutes, during which add more hot water, sweat can be put back clothes.
9. Within two hours after the spa, try not to touch cold water, eat and drink all kinds of raw and cold food and fruit.

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